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Custom Mixing to suit your exacting specifications is our strength; we know quality and consistency is what counts, and our staff take great pride in delivering this expectation mix after mix to ensure the best outcome for you.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with a quote on your custom mix. Quoted material prices older than 30 days are subject to change. Our estimate will be based on the current average number of units delivered, applicable delivery charges and fees. The actual total price will vary due to the weight and volume. If you have any questions please give us a call at (541) 621-9616.


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Growing Medium Bulk Materials + Fertilizer & Nutrients

Cubic Yards

Growing Medium

Natural & Organic Fertilizer

Name Yds % Name Total lbs lbs per Yd Total oz.
Aged Bark Dust Alfalfa Meal
Agrarian (OMRI Listed) Chicken Compost Azomite (Volcanic Rock Dust)
BarnYard (Premium Compost) Bat Guano (Mid-Nitrogen)
Bark Mulch (Fir Barks) Basalt Rock Dust
Bio Char Dried Poultry Manure
Blended Mint (Premium Compost) Feather Meal
Lane Garden Compost (USCC Certified & OMRI Listed) Fish Bone Meal
Coir Pith (Coco Coir) Gypsum (Organic Calcium Sulfate)
Composted Black Barkdust Humic Acid (Iron Humate)
Cow Manure Kelp Meal
Dark Fines (Forest Humus) Mycorrhizal Fungi
Peat Moss Ag Lime
Perlite Fines Green Sand
Perlite (Horticultural Grade) Wetting Agent
Pumice Worm Castings
River Sand Dolomite Lime
Sharp Sand Crab Meal
Silt Soybean Meal

Need Growing Medium and/or Fertilizer not listed above?

Custom Growing Medium

Custom Fertilizer

Yds % Product Total lbs lbs per Yd Total oz.

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