4 Year Clear Greenhouse Film

For optimized light transmission and durability use Farm Plastic Supply’s 4 year 6 mil clear.  Our 4 year greenhouse plastic sheeting is second to none. You will see that our manufacture takes no short cuts. Our clear greenhouse plastic is a TRUE 6 mil versus a rounded up approximation of 6 mil. It is excellent for germination and early promotion of growth. In high UV areas in the US, use 6 mil 4 year clear. Our 4 year premium Greenhouse Film is extraordinary. It is the best for performance and durability under a variety of severe environmental conditions. Our factory puts in more UV Protection for longer film life because it blocks harmful UV rays that can damage plastic and essentially harm your plants. We offer optimum light transmission 90%+ which lets more direct growing light in, while still keeping the harmful UV rays out. In addition, we have special resins infused to keep UV-resistant greenhouse plastic sheeting flexible in cold weather, yet stable and tough under hot conditions. Our clear greenhouse plastic sheeting also has the additional benefit of staying cleaner and attracting less dust while washing off dirt more easily.

We give you our best price at 100 foot lengths but also custom cut our 6 mil plastic to meet your grow house needs and budget. Contact us to learn more about our 4 year product warranty.