Greenhouse Film 4 year 6 mil clear sheeting 36′ x 100′

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36′ x 100′ 6 Mil Plastic Sheeting

Our 4 year greenhouse plastic film is engineered with UV inhibitors. It unrolls as a single sheet with NO SEAMS.  The virgin poly is a multilayer 6 mil film so you will always have a tough durable product. Our clear greenhouse plastic film is better than 90% translucent, that is very clear! Clear films work well for germinating seeds or for the start of the plant growth as they allow for the maximum light and heat transmission.  A 4 year greenhouse plastic film in 6 mil is a great option for growers in high UV regions. A 4 year film is more durable in very sunny regions as it is formulated with UV inhibitors that slow down the decomposition of the tri-layered polyethylene.


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