CoolMax 4 Year Greenhouse Film

High Diffusion IR Treatment Additive Plastic Film:

Our CoolMax 4 year Greenhouse Film is a high diffusion film. This new greenhouse film has all of the properties of our  4 year IRAC with the addition of a 75% light diffusion rate. Better light diffusion will aid plant growth and help to avoid overheating and evaporation.

UV Open:

Our CoolMax products feature UV Open technology that transmits UV light to your crops. UV Open is the latest Greenhouse film technology and has a wide range of benefits for certain crops. UV light will benefits crops that need it for color, flavenoids, roses, and more.  

IR or Infrared Additive Plastic Film:

Our CoolMax film is both a 4 year thermal greenhouse film, and an anti-condensation film. Greenhouse poly films with IR help trap heat radiant heat. For this reason, it is often called a thermal film. When sunlight enters, a lot of the energy can radiate out of standard film. If a greenhouse cover has IR additive, the heat will be trapped and will in-turn raise the overall temperature of the greenhouse. As an example, when a car is left in the sunlight, you will have just experienced the IR effect of your windshield. If your vegetation thrives in very warm environments, you may consider using IR plastic sheeting.

Another consideration with 4 year thermal greenhouse sheeting is that it diffuses the sunlight with nearly the same transmission of a clear poly sheet. Although translucent film will diffuse direct sunlight also, the light transmission is more effective with an IR thermal film.