Hydroponic growing is gaining popularity daily as it has many healthy benefits over traditional gardening.  With hydroponics, one can control ph factors, vitamins and minerals in a clean dirt free environment.  Aquaponic methods are the ultimate in organic growing.  

The main plastic film products we offer for grow bed hydro-liners are:

-6 mil  white/black water tight rows (up to 120 feet long)

-20 mil skrim all white (all lengths available)  

-6 mil all black hydro-film (100 foot rolls) 

We also have hydroponic media bed liner options for all white in 6 mil. 

We offer virgin resin plastic sheeting used for hydroponic grow bed liners and aquaponic liners.  We have many options for your specific tray or trough. Feel free to call us to discuss bed liner supplies and more hydroponic garden options.  Many sizes are listed below while we can make custom sizes to save you TIME and MONEY!  Most hydroponics and aquaponics supplies are in stock.  In addition to plastic, we have special trough grounding brackets and hardware to build ground troughs.