CUSTOM LENGTH 24′ WIDE IRAC Greenhouse Film 4 year 6 mil clear sheeting


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24′ Wide Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film IRAC

Our IRAC greenhouse UV plastic film allows you to keep more of the sun’s heat in. Also, the sheeting has condensate control which keeps the water condensate from dripping on the plants.  Our 4 year greenhouse film is engineered with UV inhibitors. It unrolls as a single sheet with NO SEAMS.  The virgin poly is a multilayer 6 mil film so you will always have a tough durable product.  Our clear product is better than 90% translucent, that is very clear!  Clear films work well for germinating seeds or for the start of the plant growth as they allow for the maximum light and heat transmission.  A 4 year film in 6 mil is a great option for growers in high UV regions. Our 4 year greenhouse UV plastic film is more durable in very sunny regions, because the UV inhibitors slow down the decomposition of the tri-layered polyethylene.


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